Arch Linux

It appears that a package for Arch Linux has already been created. It is now linked in the Arch Linux download section of the website.

Debian package

A deb package is now available for Debian users. It's in fact an Ubuntu package, but a workaround is available on the debian package download page.

Ubuntu package now available

The Deb for the latest version of Gnome Subtitles is now available. It works on Edgy and Dapper.

Version 0.0.3 is out

A new version is out. This one features bug fixing and gui improvements. Detailed changes follow.

  • Added Bold, Italic and Underline buttons to the toolbar
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+B - Toggle Bold style
    • Ctrl+I - Toggle Italic style
    • Ctrl+U - Toggle Underline style
    • Ctrl+PageUp - Select the previous subtitle, when editing a subtitle
    • Ctrl+PageDown - Select the next subtitle, when editing a subtitle
  • Added dialog to handle file opening errors
  • Improved Save dialog:
    • Selects the subtitle format being used
    • If it's the first save of a file, it selects SubRip or MicroDVD according to the timing mode in use
    • Adds the correct extension to the file if the user doesn't insert it
    • Updates the typed extension when changing the subtitle format
  • Improved Bug Report Window to include the Gnome Subtitles and SubLib versions
  • Improved About dialog
  • Updated bug/feature request links to point to the now used GNOME bugzilla
  • Changed compiler to use gmcs (C# 2.0) instead of mcs

Bug fixes:

  • Frame rate menus not being correctly set when using undo/redo
  • Crash at open subtitle (old tracker #1577626)

Many thanks to David Prieto for pointing out some usability improvements.

Fedora Core package

A package for Fedora Core 5 is now available, thanks to Henrique Malheiro.

Download it in the download section of the website.

We're hiring!

The list of current (free) jobs is available in the Jobs section of the website. This list will be updated as necessary.

Come and join this growing opensource project! Or help by spreading the word. :-)

Gnome Subtitles at the GNOME Bugzilla

Gnome Subtitles now uses the official GNOME Bugzilla.

You can report a New Bug or see the list of Existing Bugs.

The Architecture of Gnome Subtitles

A doc describing the architecture of Gnome Subtitles is now available on the Development section of the website. It describes the architecture and important source code files.

Direct link: Gnome Subtitles Architecture.

SUSE Linux package

SUSE Linux 10 users can now use the rpm package available in the Suse page.

Many thanks to Damien Carbery for working on it.

Ubuntu Linux package

A .deb package is available for the Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) release, thanks to the GetDeb packaging team. Get it from the download page.

Packages for other distros are being prepared too, so stay tuned.

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