Gnome Subtitles in the Press!

Great news to the project. An article on Gnome Subtitles appears in the latest issue of Linux Pratique, a French magazine released every 2 months. This 2-page article covers many things that can be done with Gnome Subtitles, as well as some basics of working with subtitle files. A thumbnail version is available (Gnome Subtitles is in pages 26 and 27).

Gnome Subtitles 0.2.1 - Bugfix Release

This release covers some bugs that were quickly reported. Changes:

  • Now builds with gtk-sharp 2.8 again
  • Added the *.txt pattern to the "All Subtitle Files" filter, in the File Open dialog
  • Print the stack trace to the console when an unknown exception is found while opening a file

Bug fixes:

  • Application crashes at exit when MPlayer has already finished (#416895)

Thanks to:

  • Marcin Zajaczkowski, for the feedback

Users having problems on File Open may want to run gnome-subtitles from a terminal to check the printed error messages.

Gnome Subtitles 0.2 - Featuring Built-in Video Previewing

At last, video subtitling with built-in previewing is a reality for GNOME users. After a long development cycle, a first version of video previewing is now available. MPlayer was used as the backend and must be installed in order for playback to work. MPlayer was chosen because it supports most of the existing video files, although its integration with other applications has its limits and as such GStreamer and Xine integration are planned for the future. Here's a fresh screenshot:

The video's current position and length are shown to the left. Next to them are two new buttons, which allow to set the subtitle Start and End times to the current video position. This simplifies both adjusting existing subtitles and creating new subtitles from scratch. Double-clicking a subtitle moves the video position to its Start time.

The File Open dialog was also improved, allowing to select video files. Entering a folder automatically populates the list of video files with the videos in that dir. A video file is automatically selected if it matches the selected subtitle file. This allows to easily open a subtitle file together with its video file. File type filters were also added.

The whole project had a major refactoring, which resulted in much more manageable code. The Main window is now a Gtk.Window instead of a Gnome.App, making the Gnome-sharp dependency being now used in very few things. Widget names were reviewed and renamed, and every dialog and window is now in a separate glade file.

Bug fixes include:

  • App crashes when selection float value with , as a decimal separator (#402201)

Finally, many thanks to Stefan A. Keel (Sak), who once again provided with great artwork for the new icons, being of great help to the project.

Debian package is available

A package for Debian users is now available, thanks to the contribution of Senthil Kumaran S.

This package was created for Debian Etch, but should work for other versions too.

New website address

The name of the project in sourceforge has changed from "gsubtitles" to "gnome-subtitles". Therefore, the existing services were also changed to the new name. This includes the website, Subversion repository, mailing lists and forums.

Please update your bookmarks. The new address is now

Gnome Subtitles 0.1 is out!

This release brings you the result of a major internal refactoring and some useful changes:

  • Added find/replace functionality, including searching with regular expressions
  • New artwork by Stefan A. Keel (Sak)
  • New keyboard shortcuts for the most used features (see the complete list on the Help page):
    • Undo - Ctrl+Z
    • Redo - Shift+Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y
    • Insert Subtitle Before - Shift+Ctrl+Return
    • Insert Subtitle After - Ctrl+Return
    • Find - Ctrl+F
    • Find Previous - Shift+Ctrl+G or Shift+F3
    • Find Next - Ctrl+G or F3
    • Replace - Ctrl+H
    • Help contents - F1
  • Now works with the latest mono and gtk-sharp versions
  • Updated the way subtitles are selected, focused and scrolled, should have a more natural feel now
  • Major global refactoring
  • When using "Save As", the current timing mode is updated to that of the new subtitle format

Bug fixes:

  • Find and Replace option (#363410)
  • "Save as" not working (#382278)
  • Close button in "About" window does not work (#383797)
  • Ctrl+Up/Down now scrolls too besides selecting the previous/next subtitle

The Find/Replace dialog.

Renewed Artwork

Thanks to Stefan A. Keel, all artwork included in Gnome Subtitles has been renewed. This includes the application's icons and about dialog, as well as the website's logo and favicon. More information and sample images are available on his blog post.

Gnome Subtitles in the official Arch Linux repositories

Arch Linux users now have an easier way to install Gnome Subtitles in their preferred distro. Credits go to Hugo Doria and Douglas Soares de Andrade for their great work on this.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts to be used in the upcoming version of Gnome Subtitles is available.

Gnome Subtitles is now in the Gentoo Portage

Thanks to the great work of Steve Dibb (gentoo dev), Gnome Subtitles is now in Portage.

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