Gnome Subtitles in Numbers

Born more than 5 years ago, the project has come a long way. Some facts:

  • The project was started on 29 Jan 2005.
  • Besides the current maintainer (the original author), the project has since received love from (full credits):
    • 6 developers
    • 1 graphic designer
    • 1 technical writer
    • 54 translators
    • 3 general supporters
  • Its user interface is currently available in 27 languages.
  • The project's source tarballs have been downloaded about 22.000 times (distribution packages should account for way more downloads but no data is available).
  • The website shows an average of 230 visits/day.
  • The project's source code contains about 16.300 lines of code, produced in about 1.500 commits.
  • Users have reported a total of 256 bugs, of which about 40% are feature enhancements.