Gnome Subtitles 0.1 is out!

This release brings you the result of a major internal refactoring and some useful changes:

  • Added find/replace functionality, including searching with regular expressions
  • New artwork by Stefan A. Keel (Sak)
  • New keyboard shortcuts for the most used features (see the complete list on the Help page):
    • Undo - Ctrl+Z
    • Redo - Shift+Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y
    • Insert Subtitle Before - Shift+Ctrl+Return
    • Insert Subtitle After - Ctrl+Return
    • Find - Ctrl+F
    • Find Previous - Shift+Ctrl+G or Shift+F3
    • Find Next - Ctrl+G or F3
    • Replace - Ctrl+H
    • Help contents - F1
  • Now works with the latest mono and gtk-sharp versions
  • Updated the way subtitles are selected, focused and scrolled, should have a more natural feel now
  • Major global refactoring
  • When using "Save As", the current timing mode is updated to that of the new subtitle format

Bug fixes:

  • Find and Replace option (#363410)
  • "Save as" not working (#382278)
  • Close button in "About" window does not work (#383797)
  • Ctrl+Up/Down now scrolls too besides selecting the previous/next subtitle

The Find/Replace dialog.