Version 0.0.3 is out

A new version is out. This one features bug fixing and gui improvements. Detailed changes follow.

  • Added Bold, Italic and Underline buttons to the toolbar
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+B - Toggle Bold style
    • Ctrl+I - Toggle Italic style
    • Ctrl+U - Toggle Underline style
    • Ctrl+PageUp - Select the previous subtitle, when editing a subtitle
    • Ctrl+PageDown - Select the next subtitle, when editing a subtitle
  • Added dialog to handle file opening errors
  • Improved Save dialog:
    • Selects the subtitle format being used
    • If it's the first save of a file, it selects SubRip or MicroDVD according to the timing mode in use
    • Adds the correct extension to the file if the user doesn't insert it
    • Updates the typed extension when changing the subtitle format
  • Improved Bug Report Window to include the Gnome Subtitles and SubLib versions
  • Improved About dialog
  • Updated bug/feature request links to point to the now used GNOME bugzilla
  • Changed compiler to use gmcs (C# 2.0) instead of mcs

Bug fixes:

  • Frame rate menus not being correctly set when using undo/redo
  • Crash at open subtitle (old tracker #1577626)

Many thanks to David Prieto for pointing out some usability improvements.