Gnome Subtitles 1.3 is out!

A new version of Gnome Subtitles is out. Changes include:

  • Allow to set the gap between subtitles, to be used when inserting or splitting subtitles
  • Fixed character count when editing text
  • Multiple subtitle engine fixes:
    • Fixed parsing and writing (AQTitle, Karaoke Lyrics LRC, MacSUB, MPSub, Panimator, Phoenix Japanimation Society, Sofni, SubCreator 1.x, ViPlay Subtitle File)
    • Fixed output of deciseconds (SubCreator 1.x)
    • Removed extra newline in the output (MacSUB, Phoenix Japanimation Society, Panimator)
    • Fixed bug with multiple lines of text per subtitle (Sofni)
  • Switched to GStreamer 1.0
  • Fixed Help menu items

The following contributors were key to this release:

  • Dominique Leuenberger, György Balló, Keith Madill, Paweł Brzeski

A note to packagers on updated dependencies:

  • mono i18n all libraries >= 4.0 (language libraries for character codings' support)
  • gstreamer >= 1.0
  • gstreamer-plugins-base >= 1.0
  • gstreamer-x >= 1.0 (gstreamer plugins for x11 video output)

Additional thanks:

  • Santiago

Translations changed:

  • Marek Cernocký (cs)
  • Joe Hansen (da)
  • Efstathios Iosifidis, Mel Argyropoulou, Simos Xenitellis (el)
  • Daniel Mustieles (es)
  • Alain Lojewski, Bruno Brouard (fr)
  • Yaron Shahrabani (he)
  • Gabor Kelemen (hu)
  • Fran Diéguez, Leandro Regueiro (gl)
  • Piotr Drag, Tomasz Salacinski (pl)
  • Rafael Ferreira (pt_BR)
  • Matej Urbancic (sl)
  • Miroslav Nikolic (sr)
  • Chao-Hsiung Liao (zh_HK, zh_TW)

Bug fixes:

  • Error opening some types of previously saved files (#643389)
  • Fix opening help (#671567)
  • Incorrect character count in subtitle edit (#659524)
  • Add tunable to set minimum gap between subtitles (#673126)
  • Port to GStreamer 1.0 (#694818)
  • Dialogs open as separate window (#621475)