Gnome Subtitles 1.0

I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Gnome Subtitles 1.0. This release is the result of all development effort carried on till now, into a stable release. Besides the stabilization effort, this release delivers the following features:

  • Added drag-and-drop support for loading subtitle and video files
  • Allow to set new options in the preferences:
    • Whether to save the translation when saving subtitles
    • Default and fallback character codings for opening files
    • Default subtitle format, character coding and newline type for saving files
    • Allow to remember the last used settings
  • Fixed a timings synchronization issue when "Sync All Subtitles" was used
  • Activating (double-clicking) a sync point in the synchronization dialog now selects the corresponding subtitle and seeks the video to its position

Other features include:

  • Allow to edit spinbutton's time text up to millisecond precision
  • Wrap the subtitle text to fit the video area
  • Changed the default newline type to Windows (CR+LF) to improve compatibility with other platforms (including external video players)
  • Fixed support for video filenames with special characters
  • Fixed bug with the title bar showing the previously loaded file
  • Fixed bug with the timings "seek to" dialog not reflecting timing mode changes
  • Fixed use of LDADD when building
  • Use libtool to produce shared libraries

This release features translations added or updated by:

  • Alexander Shopov, Svetoslav Stefanov (bg)
  • Marek Černocký, Petr Kovar, Rinu (cs)
  • Joe Hansen (da)
  • Mario Blättermann (de)
  • Jorge González (es)
  • Antón Méixome, Lois (gl)
  • Mark Krapivner (he)
  • Claudio Arseni (it)
  • Piotr Drąg (pl)
  • António Lima (pt)
  • Andrej Žnidaršič, Matej Urbančič (sl)
  • Daniel Nylander (sv)

Special thanks go to the following contributors on this release:

  • Arx Cruz
  • Ildar Mulyukov
  • Peter Alfredsen

Additional thanks go to:

  • A. Luz, Federico, Frederico Camara, ΙΟΑΝΝΗΣ ΜΠΟΥΡΔΑΚΗΣ, Yann Basly

The following bugs were fixed on this release:

  • Set defaultsubtitle format, character coding and newline type in preferences (#504656)
  • Option to save Translation when saving Subtitles (#511167)
  • The ability to manually change "from", "to" and "during" fields (#549060)
  • Selecting subtitles in the Synchronize dialog (#585064)
  • Ability to open files drag-dropping them onto the window (#585477)
  • Use libtool to produce shared libraries (#592784)
  • Title app bar shows previous srt played/viewed information (#596355)
  • Crash when using video files with special characters (#608631)
  • Srt files saved as Unix text (LF) (#609345)
  • Window collapses the screen with a large subtitle (#610170)