Gnome Subtitles 0.8 is out!

Gnome Subtitles 0.8 has been released. Release details follow.

  • Added spell checking support:
    • Highlights spelling errors while typing
    • Uses Enchant in order to support multiple spell checking backends
    • Allows to spell check subtitles and translation in different languages
  • Added support for the following subtitle formats:
    • AQ Title
    • MacSUB
    • Sofni
    • SubCreator 1.x
    • ViPlay Subtitle File
  • Allow to show the translation with the video, besides the original subtitles
  • Fixed a crash that happened when closing the Encoding Selection dialog
  • Improved the auto-detection of subtitle formats
  • Do not package SubLib anymore, it should be installed as a package of its own

Bug fixes:

  • Spellchecker support (#462317)
  • Selecting translation to show on top of movie (#495551)
  • Some strings are hard to translate (#510808)
  • Crash on close of "Add or remove" encoding dialog (#520804)
  • Files are installed with wrong permissions (#524765)


  • Joan Duran (ca)
  • Philip Withnall (en_GB)
  • Jorge Gonzlez (es)
  • Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
  • Alexandre Imache, Claude Paroz, Frederic Peters, Stphane Raimbault (fr)
  • Yair Hershkovitz (he)
  • Yannig Marchegay (oc)
  • Antnio Lima (pt)
  • Daniel Nylander (sv)


  • Julian Sikorski, Mathias Brodala, Marcin Zajaczkowski, Nazar Kulyk