Gnome Subtitles 0.7 is out! + New Developer

This release features the work carried out with the help of Cristina Yenyxe, who I'd proudly like to welcome to the project. She has been collaborating not only with Gnome Subtitles but also with the SubLib project. Release notes follow.

Added GStreamer support for video previewing, replacing MPlayer:

  • Improved seeking precision
  • Fixes crashes with video playback
  • Integrates better with GNOME

Added support for the following subtitle formats:

  • Adobe Encore DVD
  • DKS Subtitle Format
  • Karaoke Lyrics LRC
  • Karaoke Lyrics VKT
  • Panimator
  • Phoenix Japanimation Society
  • Power DivX

Added video-related keyboard shortcuts:

  • Play/Pause - Ctrl+P or F5
  • Rewind - Ctrl+K or F6
  • Forward - Ctrl+L or F7
  • Set Subtitle Start - Ctrl+D
  • Set Subtitle End - Ctrl+E

Other features:

  • Display OGG video files in the File and Video Open dialogs
  • Different subtitle formats share similar headers, when edited

Bug Fixes:

  • Integration with GStreamer For Video Previewing (#363412)
  • More keyboard shortcuts (#436746)
  • Crash when opening a video after an unsuccessful file open (#455923)
  • Unable to use the Cyrillic CP1251 encoding (#456535)
  • Crash when toggling Play/Pause (#457150)
  • Control buttons do not work when movie ends (#457760)
  • Crash on Video Rewind (#465233)
  • Missing OGG file in open video dialog (#466342)
  • pl_PL (Polish) translation and issues (#484231)


  • Nick Agianniotis (el)
  • Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
  • Yannig Marchegay (oc)
  • Tomasz Sałaciński (pl)
  • Raphael Higino (pt_BR)
  • Daniel Nylander (sv)


  • Danail Nedyalkov, Goran Sterjov, Luciano A. Ferrer, Mario Señoranis, Miguel Filho