Gnome Subtitles 0.5 is out!

Here it is, another important milestone in the development of Gnome Subtitles. The application is getting solid, in part thanks to the great feedback provided by the users.

This release features an initial support for internationalization (i18n). It also features a brand new user manual, thanks to the great work of Erin Bloom. It's still in its early beginnings, but is already useful to start with.

The SaveAs dialog includes a new option for selecting the type of newline to be used when saving. This option is hidden under an Advanced Options expander, so it doesn't bother those who don't need it.

One of the most reported bugs related to a crash that happened when trying to load a video, when no subtitles were open. This has been fixed.

Error handling, in general, has been improved. An error dialog is now shown when errors occur while saving a file. Likewise, if errors occur when opening a file that was passed as argument (from a terminal or nautilus, for instance), an appropriate error dialog is shown. More errors are also detected now.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed the Time and Frames labels regarding the current video position
  • Fixed the transparency of the images in the SetSubtitleStart and SetSubtitleEnd buttons
  • Use stock items for File Properties, and Video Open and Close
  • Fixed underline in Video SetSubtitleEnd, which was conflicting with Rewind

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash when passing an invalid subtitle as argument (#432233)
  • Crash when opening a video with no subtitles loaded (#432635)
  • Option to select end line style (unix, windows/dos, mac) (#435606)
  • Video menu short cut keys (#436745)
  • Exceptions not handled when saving a file (#438446)


  • Luciano Ferrer, Erin Bloom