Gnome Subtitles 0.4 has been released!

This release brings you many changes and improvements.

The Timings Shift dialog now allows to apply the shift to all subtitles, a set of selected subtitles, the selected subtitle to the first, or the selected subtitle to the last. It also automatically sets the shift value based on the video position, in case a video is loaded. This allows to make a set of subtitles start at the specified video position, shifting all subtitles accordingly. A button was also added to allow to easy clear the shift value.

A new File Properties dialog was also introduced, allowing to easily view properties related to the currently open file.

Opening a video now automatically adds a "Video" tag to the frame rate of the video, in the Video Frame Rate menu. Also, when opening Gnome Subtitles from the console, a video is automatically loaded if it matches the subtitle file passed as argument. This will, of course, only happen if the "Automatically choose video to open" option is selected in the application Properties.

In the File SaveAs dialog, the character coding is now automatically selected to the current encoding. Opening blank subtitle files (i.e., blank text files) now works properly, issuing no errors.

Other changes include the use of Bug Buddy, the official GNOME bug reporting tool, to report bugs. The old bug reporting tool is still used if Bug Buddy isn't available. A man page was also added. Some bugs related to the GUI not being correctly updated when changing the timing mode were fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • Error shown when opening a blank file (#417310)
  • Can't load srt subtitles - detected encoding is not supported (#417303)
  • MPlayer fails for each second file (#417869)


  • Marcin Simonides, Marcin Zajaczkowski, Marco Lackovic, Phalanx747, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz