Release 0.3 is out!

This release features major feature enhancements, as well as bug fixes. This comes as an answer to the great feedback provided by the users.

A new Character Codings dialog was introduced, allowing to choose the encodings to be used for opening and saving subtitles. Its behavior is similar to that of other applications (e.g., gedit). It is opened by selecting "Add or Remove..." in the File Open/Save dialogs.

A new Preferences dialog was also added. Currently it allows to set whether video files are automatically chosen when selecting/opening subtitle files. If you disable it, then selecting a subtitle file in the File Open dialog won't select the corresponding video file.

Regarding video previewing, some users had noticed that incorrect timings were shown, and that Rewind and Forward were not working properly. This was observable by those with a locale that uses a comma as decimal separator (e.g., French, Polish). This was fixed and should work fine now.

Other changes include:

  • Store the window size on exit and restore it on start
  • Removed the shadow that appeared around the video image frame
  • Print an adequate error message when using an encoding not supported by the system
  • Properly unselect video file when selecting a folder, in the File Open dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Video loaded with wrong length (#418099)
  • "System.FormatException" error during opening video (#421457)
  • Quote symbol in path prevents file from opening (#417868)
  • Video file is reported as not supported but MPlayer supports it (#417848)
  • Video previewing doesn't function correctly (#421883)


  • Carlos Doki, Malte Skoruppa, Marcin Zajaczkowski, Phalanx747, Rafal Slubowski, Sebastian Porta