Gnome Subtitles 0.2 - Featuring Built-in Video Previewing

At last, video subtitling with built-in previewing is a reality for GNOME users. After a long development cycle, a first version of video previewing is now available. MPlayer was used as the backend and must be installed in order for playback to work. MPlayer was chosen because it supports most of the existing video files, although its integration with other applications has its limits and as such GStreamer and Xine integration are planned for the future. Here's a fresh screenshot:

The video's current position and length are shown to the left. Next to them are two new buttons, which allow to set the subtitle Start and End times to the current video position. This simplifies both adjusting existing subtitles and creating new subtitles from scratch. Double-clicking a subtitle moves the video position to its Start time.

The File Open dialog was also improved, allowing to select video files. Entering a folder automatically populates the list of video files with the videos in that dir. A video file is automatically selected if it matches the selected subtitle file. This allows to easily open a subtitle file together with its video file. File type filters were also added.

The whole project had a major refactoring, which resulted in much more manageable code. The Main window is now a Gtk.Window instead of a Gnome.App, making the Gnome-sharp dependency being now used in very few things. Widget names were reviewed and renamed, and every dialog and window is now in a separate glade file.

Bug fixes include:

  • App crashes when selection float value with , as a decimal separator (#402201)

Finally, many thanks to Stefan A. Keel (Sak), who once again provided with great artwork for the new icons, being of great help to the project.