There are multiple ways to get involved, from development to translation and packaging.


The project welcomes all positive contributions. There's an Action-Priority Matrix that helps you know which bugs have more priority.

Gnome Subtitles is written in C# and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The following libraries are mainly used:

Building from Git

Get the latest code from the GNOME Git Repository:

git clone git://

Run `' to generate the build scripts. (Note: you need to have "gnome-common" installed. It should be available with your distro.)

You can now proceed to Building from Source, in the download page, to build Gnome Subtitles.


Please check the status of existing translations for the user interface and user guide.

If you want to contribute with a new translation, either contact the project maintainers or the Gnome Translation Project.

For user interface translations, a PO template file can be generated from the `po' directory with:

intltool-update --pot

More information is available in the Gnome Translation Project wiki.